Those users without too much knowledge in image processing may think that resizing a picture is as easy as stretching and pulling it from a corner or changing its size in any editor. The fact is that using that method can only lead us to a blurred and useless image.

That's where Waifu 2x can help us out. It's an algorithm capable of rescaling an image up to two times its size without pixellating the photo. It was created some time ago so that manga fans could have a tool that allowed them to view the drawings of their favorite volumes and series much larger, without losing any quality. 

Waifu 2x is the best choice ever for the enlargement of small-scale images. Waifu 2x has some alternatives but each software has a slight change in its result while waifu 2x doesn't blur the image.

Here we collect the top 8 alternatives to Waifu2x

1. Waifu2x

Waifu2x is software that enlarges images, specializing in anime-style pictures. However, waifu2x is down infrequently. It is the quick image enlarger software. It converts your blurry and fuzzy image into a clear and sharp one. So, in just 4 steps, the user gets the updated image. 

Firstly, users have to upload desired images on Waifu2x. Then, using the noise reduction scale, the user adjusts the image and pixel qualities of the image and move towards the next step. After the optimization, the user simply clicks on the convert now button. You can obviously still resize anime-related images all you want with this tool or just use it in general for design purposes.


  • Able to choose the interpolation algorithm.
  • Allow exporting in PNG or JPG Drag & drop simplicity. 
  • Enlarge images by 2x or 4x. 

2. Smart Upscaler 

Smart Upscaler is the shortcut to getting images of low quality bigger and better with the help of machine learning. 

Users get integrated sharpening, noise reduction, and upscaling all through our fully automated process. Making your assets and user content pop has never been easier.


  • Drag & drop simplicity. 
  • Enlarge images by 2x or 4x. 
  • All enhancement is handled by AI. 
  • Secure process. 

3. A.I. Gigapixel 

A.I.Gigapixel is the first and only desktop application to use the power of artificial intelligence to enlarge your images while adding natural details for a sharper and more impressive result. 

Gigapixel AI can make your image appear like it was captured with a much higher-quality camera. It’s been trained on enough images of different types of subjects to know what photo detail should look like. This allows you to increase your photo’s resolution and quality very naturally with minimal artifacts.


  • Remove close-up compression artifacts. 
  • Better zooming and cropping. 
  • Enhance different patterns in fabric, fur, and grass. 

4. Let's Enhance 

Let’s Enhance is a simple yet powerful image enhancement tool driven by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to increase image resolution without losing the quality and colors. 

The tool does not stretch the visuals but expands the desired proportion to optimize the tone, texture, color, and clarity. Users can upscale images for any social media platform, website, print project, or frame. The complete process is automatic and really fast. The tool works well even with images that have faces. 


  • Cloud Storage 
  • Import-Export Option 
  • Auto Select 
  • Batch Editing 

 5. PhotoZoom Pro 

PhotoZoom 8 professional provides you with the worldwide leading technology specialized in reducing and enlarging digital images. It is an essential tool for anybody looking to enlarge images in the best quality possible the software has been optimized for digital use.

It’s also particularly well suited to DTP image enhancement, industrial image editing, application in the field of medicine, security, large format prints, and online publications as well as for editing web images.


  • Clarity and Vividness settings for brilliant image enlargement. 
  • Bring the most accurate image details to life. 
  • Fantastic sharpness matched with unmatched image quality. 
  • Excellent for the beautiful close-up. Prints images straight from PhotoZoom. 

 6. Bigjpg 

Bigjpg is a free online tool to upscale images. The neural network it adopts is a special algorithm adjusted specifically for the image's lines and colors. 

That's how it enables this online tool can automatically enlarge the photo and enhance it as well to a better quality. It can also allow you to download and install a software version to your desktops or mobile devices.

  • It is safe and free. 
  • Remove close-up compression artifacts. 
  • Better zooming and cropping. 

7. Upscalepics

Upscale Pics software is a platform used to optimize Images using AI. The software detects the compressions of the image and improves the image quality. 

The software offers batch mode to work with multiple images at a time. Freelancers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

  • Lossless quality. 
  • Image Upscaling. 
  • PNG Compression. 
  • Photo editing. 
  • Image Processing. 

8. Image Upscaler

Ever taken a photo you loved, only to notice it’s too blurry to use online? Our photo enhancer makes it easy to upscale and enlarge your images with just a few clicks. Increase resolution of an image with our handy tool.

It’s a piece of technology that’s easy to use, and it’s completely free too. To upscale an image without losing quality, we use deep convolutional neural networks. You could say it’s like a brain, but a computer one. These networks are trained on big datasets of images, so they learn the basic properties of all kinds of images.


  • Enlarge image without losing qualities. 
  • PNG Expansion/Enlargement. 

Last Words 

Lastly, this article listed the image enlargement software and its features. So, go with software that you like and satisfy your requirements. Our suggestion is Waif2x as it doesn't get a slight change in its quality. Thank you for reading.